Frunze nu putem sa facem, le face natura mai bine decat noi… am incercat sa plouam dar nu ne pricepeam, asa cum nici furtuni n-am putut sa organizam, nici valuri in mare… insa am descoperit ca toate astea pot fi povestite si altfel decat in cuvinte, pot fi pastrate spre a fi retraite…


…asa ca ne-am incarcat cu toate, le-am pus pe o imensa paleta de culori si de acolo, direct pe panza, pe lemn, pe sticla… E un proces la fel de firesc ca si ploaia de care spuneam, imaginile trec din realitate in suflet si inapoi, in realitate, filtrate prin dragoste de frumos, de traditie, prin placerea de a povesti cum se vede lumea dinspre noi.

Florina Negut & Valentina Negut

About us

We cannot make leaves, the nature makes them better than us…we tried to rain, but we have realized we could not, as we could not organized storms or waves in the sea… but we have discovered that all of these could be told in another way than in words, could be kept and relive later…

The story

…so that we have loaded our spirits with all these, put them on a immense palette and from there straight on the glass, wood, canvas… It’s a natural process such as the rain that we were telling about: the images are passing from reality into the soul and then back into reality, filtered by the love of beauty, traditions, by the pleasure of telling the world from our view.

Florina Negut & Valentina Negut